Military Pro Bono Boot Camp-Self Study

Now that you have participated in the Pro Bono training, in order to receive 1 hour of CFP CE credit, you will need to pass the Military Pro Bono Boot Camp-Self Study today, July 27th 2017.  You will have one more chance to take the quiz if you fail.  Good luck!


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1) Pro bono planners can assist military members to:
2) A Pro Bono planner:
3) Issues of activated National Guard and Reserve families are:
4) Military Pay:
5) Thrift Savings Plan is:
6) Service members’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI):
7) Pro Bono Financial Process includes:
8) Select the False Statement:
9) Special challenges Military pro bono clients face include all of the following except:
10) Pro bono Planners:

Thank you for taking the exam.

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