FPA Pro Bono Tools

The FPA Pro Bono Resources are a collection of resources for chapters and member volunteers involved in official FPA pro bono initiatives.  Please also visit FPA Connect’s Pro Bono 360 for other communications, a library of additional tools, and educational power points.

For immediate assistance contact (202) 864-5183 or fpaprobono@onefpa.org.

Guidelines and Training
Chapter Management
Community Based Organizations
Client Tools

For a summary of all of these tools in a word doc with links:  FPA Tools Page Summary

Get Connected

Attention: Pro bono leaders and co-directors please speak to your chapter executive to request to be added to your chapter’s leadership roster, at the National level, which will automatically add you to the pro bono director’s connect group.  All other volunteers please join the “Pro Bono 360” FPA Connect group.

To sign up for a veteran now click here.

The Pro Bono Advisory Committee is your resource for building pro bono in your community. These seasoned Pro Bono Directors and former Directors serve to ensure that chapters have resources they need through FPA to operate an effective pro bono outreach.

Guidelines and Training

FPA Pro Bono Eligibility

FPA Pro Bono Guidelines: Every volunteer must read and comply with these guidelines as well as FPA’s Code of Ethics.

FPA Pro Bono FAQ

FPA Pro Bono Guidebook  A guide to starting a chapter pro bono committee, creating a mission and plan of work, forming partnerships with community-based organizations, recruiting and managing volunteers, and finding resources for program management and client services.

FPA Pro Bono Letter of Engagement (Military and all Populations)

Legal Liability Protection for Volunteers and Chapters

To be a FPA pro bono planner, notify your pro bono director and sign up online here.

Broker-Dealer Compliance Acknowledgement Sample

FPA members are required to complete the 1-hour Pro Bono Boot Camp CE, if never done before.  If FPA members have done the Financial Planning Day Boot Camp CE, you have met this requirement.   PowerPoint Continuing Education Credit  Quiz.  Non-CFP FPA members can still take the quiz and then will be added to the FPA trained list.

Military Training Video & CE ,Financial Planners Counsel Military Personnel and Families, by Dick Power- Retired Army Colonel, CFP®, FPA Board Member. PowerPoint   Continuing Education Credit QuizNon-CFP FPA Members can still take the quiz and then will be added to the FPA trained list.

Organizing a Military Pro Bono Program

Chapter Management

FPA Impact Center This page has FPA impact reports and chapter activity data.

Sample Plan of Work

Sample Job Description for a Chapter Pro Bono Director/Administrator: can be tailored to your chapter’s needs.

Chapter Pro Bono Outreach Survey: a form to find relationships chapter members already have with community organizations that might be the basis for a chapter pro bono program.

Educational Workshops/Presentations List: To access these presentations join FPA Connect “Pro Bono 360” group and access the library for presentations.

Tips on Working with the Media

Tips for Building Military Outreach

Community Based Organizations

FPA Pro Bono Partnership MOU Template: template and guide for determining and defining the scope of a partnership with a nonprofit community-based organization, leading to a memorandum of understanding.

Short Term Pro Bono Agreement

One on One Best Practices Toolkit for Chapter and Partners  

FPA Pro Bono Seminar Sign-Up Sheet Sample

FPA Pro Bono Partner Outreach Brochure Template

FPA Pro Bono Partner Outreach Flyer Template

FPA Pro Bono General Outreach PowerPoint Presentation Revise as needed for your chapter

FPA Pro Bono Military Outreach PowerPoint Presentation Revise as needed for your chapter

Corporation for Economic Development IDA Directory: Individual Development Account (IDA) programs help low income individuals and families build assets by providing matched savings accounts for people saving toward specific goals, such as a house or an education. CFED provides support and connections for IDA programs and those working with them.

HUD Income Threshold Guide: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Web site, which provides the median income of all metropolitan areas and counties. FPA’s Pro Bono Guidelines define the target pro bono client as a low income individual or family potentially eligible for public assistance. Most nonprofits working with low income populations screen their clients for eligibility. If your partner does not, chapters can use 80 percent of their local median income (as a guideline), the threshold defined by HUD as low income.  However a Chapter can determine its definition for under served populations.  Often moderate income may be seen as under served from a financial planning perspective.


Volunteer Recruitment Flyer Template

Volunteer Sign-Up Form Template

Candidate for CFP Experience Credit Request Template: a customizable template for chapter pro bono leaders requesting CFP Board to grant experience credit for pro bono hours worked.

Broker-Dealer Compliance Acknowledgement Sample: a sample letter for volunteers to obtain compliance department approval in order to take part in pro bono activities.

Client Tools

FPA Client Worksheets | PDF

FPA Educational Presentations: They are now posted on FPA Connect Pro Bono 360 Group (Presentations are in the Library)!  Here is a list of what’s available: Educational Workshops/Presentations List

NEFE Financial Workshop Kits | National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) resources -presentations, scripts, handouts, etc.)

Consumer Resources | (Foundation for Financial Planning Resources)

FPA Pro Bono Letter of Engagement | (Military and all Populations)

Accomplishing Financial Mission Workbook  | PDF (military population revised 2014)

FPA Military Workbook

Financial Planning Book for Pro Bono Financial Planners: this book is to be used solely by pro bono planners with pro bono recipients and was generously shared by a CFP/FPA Member that wants help people take control of their financial lives. The tool is a spread sheet with tabs that include: balance sheet, cash flow, retirement, education, and pension planning.

Money Tree Software for Pro Bono Planning: Chapters may review and decide if they would like to utilize this software for pro bono planning only.In support of non-profit financial planning and financial education. Money Tree Software has produced a Pro-Bono Silver Financial Planner that is free of all cost for use by any and all financial planners, counselors, and educators while offering their professional services without charge for the planning services. The Pro-Bono software was originally developed in coordination with the Financial Planning Association of New York, and is co-branded with both the FPA-NY logo and the Money Tree Logo. Money Tree would like to that FPA-NY for their long standing commitment to promoting and providing accessible financial planning and education to their entire community.

Link: Here is the link for the pro bono version of Silver Financial   (This pro bono link is updated every six months if not active email: fpaprobono@onefpa.org;terrie@moneytree.com )  http://download.moneytree.com/Silver/SfpFPANYProBono.msi

If you have any issues or questions please call Money Tree support line at 1-877-421-9815, ext 0 or  email terrie@moneytree.com.


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